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I've appeared on five folk music recordings: and also, rather less noticeably, on two classical choral recordings: My tune The Pondskater has been recorded on All Join Hands for Cyril Papworth's dance Ben's Confusion, and my tune The Serpent with Corners has been recorded on Interesting Times and on Dances from The Greenery for Sharon Green's dance Doctor Bending's Serpent.

Halsway Millennium CD

The Halsway Millennium CD was produced in April 2000 to raise funds for the Halsway Manor folk centre in Somerset. It contains a variety of folk music, mostly from England but also some from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It includes tunes for social, morris and sword dances, and other tunes and songs, as follows:

1. Burghees Hole *
2. Coilsfield House / The Kirrie Kebbuck / Bride's Reel
3. Newcastle *
4. English Sword Dance Tunes
5. The Old Mill *
6. Welsh Waltzes *
7. An Evening in the Bar at Halsway
8. Easter Thursday *
9. The Baffled Knight * / Orleans Baffled / Once a Night *
10. A Selection of Morris Dance Tunes
11. Parson's Farewell *
12. A Selection of Processional Tunes
13. Si Bheag, Si Mhor
14. Never Love Thee More / Steamboat Hornpipe / Goddesses

photograph The recording was made by a group of 17 musicians at the Manor on St George's Day 2000. TB played recorder and/or banjo on eight of the tracks, and arranged Easter Thursday. Tunes marked * are played an appropriate number of times for the relevant dance.

Ten years on

In April 2010 the group reunited at the Manor to record Ten years on, a similar but slightly more eclectic selection of folk music, as follows:

1. The spirit of the dance and Paddy Clancy's *
2. My Lady Winwood's maggot *
3. Zephyrs and flora *
4. To those I love
5. International sequence
6. Scottish set
7. The mill
8. William Winter jigs *
9. Mrs Hamilton of Pencaitland
10. Welsh sequence
11. Top and bottom *
12. Thousands or more
13. Madeleine's wals *
14. Taxing time *
15. Pokey's reel / Smudge the dog *

photograph This time the group consisted of 24 musicians, most of whom also played on the first CD. TB played recorder and/or banjo on ten of the tracks, and arranged four of them. Again, tunes marked * are played an appropriate number of times for the relevant dance.

To order either CD or for more information please see the Halsway Manor Society website.

All Join Hands

A collection of dances by Cyril Papworth, with an accompanying CD, published posthumously in April 2002. It contains notation and tunes for ten dances, many of them written for specific people or events, as follows:

1.The Capricorn Waltz
2.Her Own Physician
3.Market Hill
4.Ben's Confusion
5.Cyril's Maggot
6.Just a Few
7.A Midsummer Assembly
8.A Pint and a Half
9.The Broom goes Playford
10.My Lady's Measure

The recording was made by David Holland, Gina Holland, Anthony Bearon and TB (a bit) in a series of sessions in 2001-2. TB played piano on My Lady's Measure, and wrote The Pondskater for Ben's Confusion. All the tunes are played an appropriate number of times for the relevant dance.

For more information please contact Dave and Gina Holland or The Round.

Chiltern West Gallery Quire samples

It's not a disc as such, but the Chiltern West Gallery Quire have produced some audio samples recorded at various performances.

Interesting Times

Cover Released by Momentum
logo in July 2007. See the band's album page for details.

Verdi's Quattro Pezzi Sacri

Cover Performed in 1988 by King's College Choir, Cambridge University Musical Society and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Stephen Cleobury. TB sang bass with Cambridge University Musical Society.

Produced by the Argo arm of Decca Records as catalogue number 425 480-4. No longer directly available, but there are stockists on the web.

Saint-Saëns' Messe de Requiem

Cover Performed in 1993 by Tinuke Olafimihan, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Anthony Roden, Simon Kirkbride, East London Chorus, Harlow Chorus, Hertfordshire Chorus and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Geoffrey Simon. TB sang bass, and Rachel sang soprano, with Harlow Chorus.

Part of Saint-Saëns Orchestral Works Volume One, available from Cala Records as catalogue number CACD 1015. No longer directly available, but there are stockists on the web.

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