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File formats

ABC is a tune notation format. It's mostly intended for modern, Western music, i.e. 12 semitones/octave, bars, time-signatures, etc. Chris Walshaw's abc page is a good place to start, with an explanation of the format and links to software, tune collections and ABC-specific search engines such as JC's ABC tune finder.

TeX is a mathematical typesetting system (the X is actually χ, a Greek letter chi, so it's pronounced tek, approximately). It's not WYSIWYG and takes some getting used to, but it's very powerful and extensible, and widely used by professional mathematicians. LaTeX is a standard set of extensions designed to make TeX friendlier to use. The UK TeX archive is a vast repository of all things TeX. I normally use (La)TeX to produce files in PDF format (portable document format), which can be previewed and printed using a variety of packages, on a variety of platforms. You might be able to view them directly in your browser, or you can use a viewer such as Adobe Acrobat, which is free.

The point of both ABC and (La)TeX, for me, is that they use source files that are human-readable, platform-independent and in a widely-publicised format. This means that you can edit them with your favourite editor (i.e. GNU Emacs) and usefully exchange them with people on alien machines via email. It also means that instead of relying on proprietary packages lots of people can write helpful programs that the system's inventor didn't have time for or hadn't thought of. For example, for music I use the following packages - all of these are free, although some are still licensed:

The full TeX system is quite large and complex, and I wouldn't recommend installing the whole thing just for music. However, there are many other packages available, including cut-down versions of TeX for music: see the abc page for a list.

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