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Interesting Times

Interesting Times cover  
  1. Black and grey
  2. The Dorset Triumph
  3. De'il take the warr
  4. The King of Spain /
    Off she goes /
    Leaping Jack
  5. Mad Moll
  6. Miss Thompson's hornpipe
  7. Wild boy
  8. The serpent with corners
  1. A trip to the Jubilee
  2. The recruiting officer /
    Quick step in the Battle of Prague /
    Dr Fauster's tumblers
  3. Michael Turner's waltz
  4. La Schottische
  5. La Partida
  6. Whimbleton House
  7. Mr Cosgill's delight
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350 years of English country dance music with Momentum

plays accordion, keyboard and bass
  Ali Bill   Bill
plays whistle and bones
plays guitar and percussion
  Meg Thomas   Thomas
plays recorder but dropped the shaky egg

The excellence of the musicianship ... delighted me. Upbeat and full of energy ...
Ed St. Germain

Momentum is a dance band. You can feel the 'lift' in the music.
Rhodri Davies, English Dance & Song magazine

A joyful celebration of the band's wide definition of the English tradition ... My first impression was the feeling of exuberance and sheer enjoyment ... Wonderful music, which sounds spontaneous and effortlessly proficient.
Madeleine Smith, Set and Turn Single magazine

Interesting Times is an album of English country dance music from the last 350 years, released in July 2007. We hope you enjoy listening to the tunes, but we also hope you'll be inspired to play them and dance to them so we've got music for all the tunes and some pointers to notes for the dances.

Interesting Times is available as a CD. It costs £10 per copy, plus £1 per order for postage and packing (or a bit more for deliveries outside the UK). You can get it in several different ways:


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