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Thomas' Table of Titleless Tunes

Over the years I've compiled a collection of tunes that I'd like to identify, and I'm hoping you can help. The collection currently contains (fragments of) tunes, and was last modified on Fri 20 May 2022. Each tune is called AnonNNN where NNN is a three digit number, and is available as ABC source, a GIF image and a MIDI sound file. The whole collection is also available as a single ABC file. Since I don't have sources the fragment given here may well be a corrupt version of the real thing, and might be in an unexpected key: sorry.

If you're able to identify any tunes, or give any details of composers, dates, published sources or recordings, then I'd be very grateful if you'd tell me. You'll enjoy a faint inner glow of superiority, and I'll add your name to this list of helpful and knowledgeable people:

Anahata, David Barnert, Anthony Bearon, Norman Bearon, Brian Bending, Juliet Bending, Anne Bowker, Blaise Compton, Ian Cutts, Roger Diggle, Ali Ellacott, Maggie Fletcher, David Haimson, Maureen Hamon, Judith Hanson, Dave Holland, Gina Holland, Jig Mad Wolf Ceilidh Band, Bill Keys, John Macfarlane, Felicity Mankin, Chris Miles, Heather Payne, Jennifer Pratt-Walter, Meg Winters.

Anon021 (July 2001) --- ABC - GIF - MIDI

Anon056 (May 2006) --- ABC - GIF - MIDI

Anon059 (English Contra Dance Band, May 2010) --- ABC - GIF - MIDI

I've used JC's ABC tune finder to track down some tunes and find extra information about them. Tunes that have been identified are kept for a while, in case you wanted to know what they were too.

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