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MM1 Miscellanea

The night cap / Paddy's whiskers MM185 / Stool of repentance / The Donegall

MM2 Slip jigs

Rocky road to Dublin / Ride a mile / Foxhunter's jig aka Fox hunter's jig MM184

MM3 Hornpipes

The showman's fancy aka Violetta hornpipe / Galway hornpipe / Humours of California aka Off to California

MM4 Strathspeys and reels

The lea rig aka Lea riggs or My ain kind dearie, O (for Lea riggs) MM13 / Kind Robin loves me aka Robin Cushie MM13 / Farewell to whisky aka Ladies' triumph MM13 / Saint Johnstone's reel / Da tushkar aka Da tushker

MM5 Marches

Let him go, let him tarry / The British Grenadiers / The Vicar of Bray / The black bear

MM6 Welsh waltzes

Merch Megan aka Megan's daughter / Caerdroea aka Caerdroia or Troy (for Waterfall waltz) / Blodau'r drain aka Flowers of the thorn (for Waterfall waltz) / Ffarwel i'r Marian aka Farewell to Marian, Farewell to the shore or Ffarwel i't Marian

MM7 Ritual dance tunes

Bacup / Abbot's Bromley / Ribbon dance

MM8 Jig, strathspey and reel

Looking for a partner MM323 / Stirling Castle / The blackberry bush

MM9 Strathspeys

Ruthven House / Miss Doreen Lambert / The Forth Bridge

MM10 Orange Blossom Special

Orange Blossom Special


Now is the month of Maying / Miss E Lyall / Glenbuchart Lodge / Jean Kirkpatrick's fancy

MM12 Jigs

Jennie's blue e'en / Cave Hill / Drummond Castle aka Matthew Briggs / The luck penny aka The luckpenny MM44a / Denis O'Conor MM44a

MM13 Strathspeys

The lea rig aka Lea riggs or My ain kind dearie, O (for Lea riggs) MM4 / Kind Robin loves me aka Robin Cushie MM4 / Farewell to whisky aka Ladies' triumph MM4 / Margaret's Fancy MM372

MM14 Miscellanea

Come lasses and lads MM14a / Here's to the maiden MM14a / Dancing the baby aka Rocking the baby MM14a / Jig of slurs MM21a

MM14a English and Scottish folk songs

Come lasses and lads MM14 / Sir Eglamore / Here's to the maiden MM14 / Dancing the baby aka Rocking the baby MM14 / Cockle gatherers MM26 / Hebridean milking song (for Nottingham lace)

MM15 Reels

Foot and fiddle / Sally Gardens (for The pleasure gardens) MM184 / Cooley's reel / Whistling Rufus

MM16 Scottish tunes

The Kail pot MM16a / Luss Road MM16a / The road and the miles to Dundee MM17a / Morag of Dunvegan MM17a MM267 / The blooms of Bon Accord MM16a

MM16a Strathspeys and reels

The Kail pot MM16 / Luss Road MM16 / The blooms of Bon Accord MM16 / Miss Campbell of Saddell

MM17a Jigs and waltzes

Irish washerwoman aka Corporal Cazy (for Circassian circle) / Tam's hunting horn / The sly old fox / The road and the miles to Dundee MM16 / Morag of Dunvegan MM16 MM267

MM18 Miscellanea

Killimor / Rosewood / Peat fire flame / Island spinning song / Ailie Bain

MM19 Slow airs

The bonnie lass o' Bon Accord / The bonnie lass o' Bon Accord variation / The music o' Spey aka The bonnie, bonnie banks o' Spey

MM20 Manx sequence

Peter O'Tavy MM30 / Harvest dance MM30 / Return the blow / Hunt the wren / Mona's delight aka Spot hornpipe (for Mona's Isle)

MM21 Jigs

Peggy's wedding aka Willie's ga'en a-coortin' MM21a / Oh whistle and I'll come to you my love MM21a / Charlie Hunter MM87

MM21a Jigs

Peggy's wedding aka Willie's ga'en a-coortin' MM21 / Oh whistle and I'll come to you my love MM21 / Jig of slurs MM14

MM22 Scottish miscellanea

The Tartan Ball MM22a / Bert's Highland polka aka Highland polka MM22a / Hills of Glenorchy

MM22a Polkas

Seaforth Cottage / The Tartan Ball MM22 / Highland polka aka Bert's Highland polka MM22

MM23 Reels

Sheehan's reel / The barmaid / Always welcome / The mountain road

MM24 Hornpipes

Chief O'Neill's favourite / The rights of man / The sunshine hornpipe

MM25 Slip jigs and single jigs

The dusty miller (3) / Barney Brallaghan / The whistling thief / The humours of Bandon

MM26 Rants and quickstep

What about the down Express / Thurso wedding / Cockle gatherers MM14a / Doctor Robertson / Don't bring Lulu MM316

MM27i Waltzes

When roses blow MM27ii MM150 / Ha' ye seen owt o' my bonny lad? aka Ha' ye seen owt o' my bonnie lad? MM27ii MM150 / The keach o' the creal aka The keach o' the creel MM27ii MM150 / Cease your funning / The shepherd's wife (1)

MM27ii Waltzes and reel

When roses blow MM27i MM150 / Ha' ye seen owt o' my bonny lad? aka Ha' ye seen owt o' my bonnie lad? MM27i MM150 / The keach o' the creal aka The keach o' the creel MM27i MM150 / The green meadow MM80

MM28 Single jigs

Darby Kelly / Hunting the hare / Hey ho, the morning dew / The floating Tribute

MM29 Scottish jigs

Scottish horse / Echoes of Oban / The weaver and his wife / Ann Fraser Mackenzie

MM30 Miscellanea

Colonel Rodney / The spring is coming / Peter O'Tavy MM20 / Harvest dance MM20 / Buttermilk Mary

MM31 The bee's wing

The bee's wing / The bee's wing countermelody / The bee's wing variation

MM32 Miscellanea

Deveron reel / Princess Margaret's jig MM130 / Captain Jinks MM32a / Old Doc Jones MM90

MM32a Single jigs

Captain Jinks MM32 / Humber jumber MM33 MM310 / Arise and come away MM33 / Haymakers MM33

MM33 Jigs and marches

Humber jumber MM32a MM310 / Arise and come away MM32a / Haymakers MM32a / Irish march aka Doon the brae or Rocks of Bray MM33a / Dorsetshire march MM33a

MM33a Marches in double time

Loch Ruan / Irish march aka Doon the brae or Rocks of Bray MM33 / Dorsetshire march MM33

MM34 Miscellanea

Meillionen aka Meirionnydd / Rolling off a log MM115 / The broken lantern MM159 / Waverley Steps MM395

MM35 American jigs or two-steps

Bill Young's jig / Old time jig / Canadian jig (1) / The dancing dustman

MM36i Reels

Wee man at the loom / O'er the hills / The bonnie dancers / Gin I were where the Gadie runs / Saint Ninian's Isle


Dick Sand's hornpipe (1) / John Spence of Ulyea Sound

MM37 Hornpipes

New Orleans / Minnie Foster's / Dick Sand's (1)

MM38 Reels

Rosedale / Portree Bay / Miss Susan Cooper / The left-handed tushkar / Gordon's favourite / Da spirit o' whisky

MM39i Walzes

Blackbirds and thrushes aka As I was a-walking MM39ii / Spanish ladies MM39ii / Pretty Polly Oliver MM39ii / The bonny blue bell MM39ii / The greenwood tree

MM39ii Walzes

Blackbirds and thrushes aka As I was a-walking MM39i / Spanish ladies MM39i / Pretty Polly Oliver MM39i / My love's an arbutus / The bonny blue bell MM39i / Rye whisky

MM40 Hornpipes and march

Saint Botolph / Go as you please / Pretty Caroline / Lady Frances Nevill's delight

MM41 Jigs

Romeo's first change / Buggy ride / Coldstream jig / The night of fun aka A fig for a kiss (for Fine lady of Homewood) MM112 / The drink of brandy

MM42i Hornpipes and schottisches

The Canadian clog / Linda's schottische / West Virginia hornpipe / Jody's favourite

MM42ii Jigs for Corstorphine Fair, etc

Campbell's frolic / Miss Eleanora Robertson MM322 / Coleraine MM64 / I love nae a laddie but ain / Gallagher's rant / The rakish highlander

MM43 Pipe march

The highland wedding (1)

MM44 Jigs and waltzes

The sweets of May MM44a / Father Kelly MM44a / Sue's waltz / River Shannon waltz

MM44a 48-bar Irish jigs

The sweets of May MM44 / Father Kelly MM44 / Denis O'Conor MM12 / The luck penny aka The luckpenny MM12

MM45 Strathspeys

Rakes of Glasgow / Miss Betty Robertson / Fiddler play the light strathspey / The wife she brewed it

MM46 Square dance call tunes

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine / I want a girl (just like the girl that married dear old Dad) aka Old fashioned girl / Down yonder

MM47 Dance tunes

Christchurch bells (for Mister Shaw's canon) / Gathering peascods MM72a MM264 / Merry, merry milkmaids / Lavena (for Picking up sticks) MM47a MM72a / Portsmouth

MM47a Lavena arrangement

Lavena (for Picking up sticks) MM47 MM72a

MM48 Northumbrian marches

McFarlan o' the Sprots o' Burnieboozie aka Sproats of Birnie Boozle / Salmon tails up the water / Adam Buckham aka Adam Buchan / Keep yor feet still Geordie hinney aka Darling Nellie Gray or Keep your feet still Geordie hinny

MM49 Songs for square dance calls

I'm looking over a four leaf clover aka Four leafed clover / Bill Bailey, won't you please ... come home? aka Bill Bailey / California, here I come / Give my regards to Broadway

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MM50 Shetland waltzes

Starry nights o' Shetland / Da Isles o' Gletness / Sunset over Foula / Ronas Voe

MM50a Waltzes

Dicky bird / Daisy, daisy aka Daisy Bell / I belong to Glasgow / After the ball / I'll be your sweetheart / When I grow too old to dream

MM51 Reels

Le reel des jeunes mariés / Le reel des jeunes mariés countermelody 1 / Le reel des jeunes mariés countermelody 2 / Bitter Creek / Bitter Creek countermelody

MM52 Playford tunes

Lull me beyond thee / Mister Isaac's maggot / Orleans baffled / Bobbing Joe aka Bobbing around / Up tails all / Up tails all countermelody 1 / Up tails all countermelody 2 / Up tails all three parts

MM53 Irish reels

The scholar / The reconciliation / The swallow's tail aka Molly McGuire's reel MM139b / Miss Monaghan

MM54 Shetland marches and jigs

Carnival march / Da guizers' march / The dandy dancer aka Dandy dancers / The Queen's fancy

MM55 Polkas

Queen of the South / The hawk polka aka The unknown polka

MM56 Reels

Bonnie Banchory / Why dinna ye play mair? / The fair maid

MM57 Miscellanea

Courting days aka Courting day MM373 / Donald Ian Rankin / Da Sooth End

MM58 Rags

Beaumont rag (for Anna turns five) / Peacock rag

MM59 American reel and polkas

Leather winged bat MM59a / Hop and skip polka / So-so polka

MM59a American reels

Jumping cactus / Cedar Swamp MM90 / Four and twenty / Leather winged bat MM59

MM60 Jigs

The Alyth tattie pickers / Oh I was kissed yestere'en aka As I was kissed yestere'en / Up country MM362 / The Ythan Bar / A M Shinnie aka The shimmie / The nineteenth hole

MM61 Reels

The holly / The three jolly huntsmen / The rat catcher's daughter / Long odds / Jon Anderson, my Jo John / The slave aka The sloe MM412

MM62 Slip jigs and hornpipes

Drops of brandy aka New drops of brandy / Poltoghue aka Humours of Ballymanus / Limerick jig / Sandy's goat / Auchdon House aka Haughton House

MM63 Reels

Maggie's reel / Billy Nicholson / Jean's reel

MM64 Jigs

Silver how / Regan's jig MM185 / Oatlands / Coleraine MM42ii / The flight (for Mutual love) MM406

MM65 Shetland waltzes

Mary / Trowie Burn / Ordaal waltz

MM66 American reels

Billy in the low ground / Leather breeches / Oklahoma hoedown / Katy Hill

MM67 Welsh hornpipes

Llanofer / Pwt ar yr bys / Pant corlan yr wyn / Glanbargoed

MM68 Jigs

Miss Hannah of Elgin aka Miss Hannah's jig / Death and Doctor Hornbrook / Mister Morison of Bognie aka Mister Morrison of Bognie

MM69 Reels

Lord Alexander's reel / Indian reel / Shannon Noel reel

MM70 Irish jigs and hornpipes

The kissing ring / Donaghadee / The devil in Dublin / The fiddlers' contest / Number 349

MM71 Reels

Rantin' rovin' Robin / Hey! Johnnie Cope / Chinese dance / Willie was a wanton wag

MM72 Playford tunes

Chestnut aka Dove's figary (for All Saints' Day) / Upon a summer's day MM378 / Never love thee more MM72a / Arcadia / Arcadia countermelody

MM72a Playford tunes

Never love thee more MM72 / Never love thee more countermelody / Gathering peascods MM47 MM264 / Gathering peascods countermelody (1) / Lavena (for Picking up sticks) MM47 MM47a

MM73 Shetland reels

The Peter Davidson reel / Millbrae / Mickie Ainsworth / Geordie Barrie

MM74 Hornpipes

Silver star / Montgomerie's hornpipe / Harlequin / Clutha hornpipe

MM75 Strathspeys

The Earl Grey (for Jill's medley and Linnea's strathspey) / Lady Carmichael of Castle Craig aka Dinsden or Lady Carmichael / John Brown aka The faithful friend / Auld Luckie

MM76 Reels

Mrs Hill's delight / O this is no my ain laddie / Mrs MacDouall Grant / Captain's maggot / Bimington / High ginks

MM77 Maggot Pie tunes

The doldrum / Green willow / The jovial beggars aka Parthenia / The happy clown MM77a / The merry Andrew (1) / The saucy sailor (1)

MM77a Maggot Pie tunes countermelodies

The doldrum countermelody / Green willow countermelody / The jovial beggars countermelody / The happy clown MM77 / The happy clown countermelody / The saucy sailor (1) countermelody

MM78 Jigs

The Directors / The bonny lass that didna marry me

MM79 Waltzes

Jenny Jones aka Sweet Jenny Jones / Rose of Lucerne / Guaracha waltz / Du, du, liegst mir im Herzen

MM80 Reels

The plough and the stars / Mid Yell / The green meadow MM27ii

MM81 Rags

Honey rag / Porcupine rag

MM82 Jigs

The Parson / Colonel Robertson / Dumfries House / The inauspicious wedding day

MM83 Marches for Double quadrille, etc

Crossing on the ferry / Elegant Esther Grey / George Work

MM84 American reels

Snowflake breakdown / Shelburne reel MM84a

MM84a American reels

Shelburne reel MM84 / Bill Cheatum aka Bill Cheathum or Bill Cheetham

MM85 Pipe marches

Major McQueen aka Major David McQueen / Tam Bain's lum

MM86 Waltzes from old manuscripts

Miss Barrett's waltz / Walcheren waltz / Walcheren waltz countermelody / Prince William of Gloucester's waltz / Prince William of Gloucester's waltz countermelody

MM87 Scottish (and one English) jigs

Charlie Hunter MM21 / James Stephen / The wind that shakes the piggery aka The wind that shaks the piggery / Lord Frog

MM88 Hornpipes

The champion clog dancer / The Glendale hornpipe / Byrne's hornpipe / The golden eagle

MM89 American jigs

Globetrotter's jig / The rustlers / Harvester's jig / Goosefeathers / Honest John / The whistling farmer

MM90 American reels

Old Doc Jones MM32 / K and E / Cindy Lou / Wabash Cannonball aka The Great Rock Island Route / Fire on the mountain / Cedar Swamp MM59a

MM91 Rants

Salt fish and dumplings / The landlady of Inver Inn / My only Jo and dearie, O / The collier's bonny lass / Drummond Castle laundry

MM92 Fast hornpipes

The braes of Gleniffer / Golden wreath / Prince Regent's hornpipe / Upper Denton

MM93 London medley

Oranges and lemons (1) / London Bridge aka Kafoozalum, Katie Bairdie or Old Mrs Huddledee / Any old iron / Old bull and bush / Soldiers of the Queen / Old Father Thames / Knees up Mother Brown

MM94 Scottish jigs

Reverend James Stewart / Joe Foster's jig / Miss Sally Hunter / Heather mixture jig

MM95 Old English dance tunes

Dunstable Downs (for Draper's maggot) / The pump room (for Childgrove) / Don Carolus aka Venus and Adonis (for Queen's jig) / Mardon Park (for Fandango) / Holborn march / Wanton Willy (for Holborn march)

MM96 Fast reels

Sean Maguire / Hurlock's reel

MM97 Canadian jigs

Cadeau's jig / Cadeau's jig B music countermelody / Spider Island jig / Buchta dancers' jig

MM98 Scottish airs and a polka

The Duchess tree / Ho-ro my nut brown maiden / The flower o' the Quern aka Tribute to the Queen / Primrose polka

MM99 Tunes for contras

Dixie hoedown / Cotton Patch rag

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MM100 Tunes by the Blue Mountain Band

Centenary rag (for The American husband) / Tinkerbelle polka / Tessa's jig / Silverdale

MM101 Jigs

Meeting in Oban / Canadian jig (2) / Debbie's jig / Bill Patten's jig / The trolley jig

MM102 Reels

The dusty miller (1) aka Miller's reel / The chamberlain aka Reel de Rémi / Saratoga (1) / Return from India (1)


President Garfield's hornpipe / Return from India (2) / Saratoga (2)

MM103 Strathspeys

Doctor Keith of Aberdeen / Springfield / Mister Minchie / Mrs Will

MM104 Reels for squares and contras

East Tennessee blues / Punchen floor MM305 / L'homme à deux femmes

MM105 Playford tunes

Under and over (for Jacob Hall's jig and Sting in the tail) / Jacob Hall's jig MM177 / The Bishop / Zealand aka Noint the teazer / Zealand countermelody

MM106 Polkas

Chickadees / The Fargo / I have a jacket trimmed in blue / Pincushion

MM107 Jigs

Lively Tim / Kennedy / Rock Valley / Jackson's jig / Irish jig / Cowboy jig aka Wee pickle tow MM169 MM169a MM180

MM108 Boil 'em cabbage down

Boil 'em cabbage down

MM109 Scottish waltzes

Glencoe / Jock o' Hazeldean / Glens of Angus / The wells o' Wearie

MM110 American jigs or two-steps

Art Wooten's quadrille / Bill Stroll's quadrille 1 / Bill Stroll's quadrille 2 / Charleytown two-step

MM111 18th century dances

Alterations / Alterations countermelody / Draper's Gardens / Draper's Gardens countermelody / The happy pair aka Royal wedding MM315 / The happy pair countermelody

MM112 Slip jigs

The kid on the mountain / Give us a drink of water / The night of fun aka A fig for a kiss (for Fine lady of Homewood) MM41

MM113 Reels

Tony Gilmore's rag / Old Parnell reel

MM114 North American reels

Reel des oignons / Onawa tune / Reel du semeur / Green Mountain petronella / The kitchen

MM115 North American jigs

Wilfred Laurier quadrille / La chaine du reel / Unnamed quadrille MM324 / Rolling off a log MM34

MM116 Waltzes

High Heavens Wood MM269 / Gaelic air / Lochnagar / Highland cradle song

MM117 Scottish marches

Meeting of the waters / Inverary march / Teribus / Teribus countermelody

MM118 Reels

Rev Peter Fenton / Westwood reel / Mrs Monair of Bruach

MM119 Clog / step tunes

Kitty Sharpe's jig / Jersey lightning

MM120 Reels for contras

Smith's reel / Smith's reel double fiddling / Swinging on a gate aka Fireside reel (for Square line special) / Swinging on a gate double fiddling

MM121 Jigs

Joy of the dance / Danse de chez nous / Aunt Mary's Canadian jig / Mélange

MM122 Airs from the British Isles 1

The rowan tree / Y fwalchen aka The blackbird / Tom Bowling / The snowy breasted pearl

MM122a Airs from the British Isles 2

The rowan tree accordion part / The rowan tree fiddle part / The blackbird recorder part / Tom Bowling countermelody

MM123 Shetland marches

Fitful head / Saxavord / Noup of Noss / Sneug of Foula

MM124 English 18th century dance tunes

Delia / Huntington's maggot / The ladies' joy / Prince William (1)

MM125 19th century quadrilles

The Queen / The Prince / Wellington's triumph / Wellington's quadrille aka The Waterloo dance / Queen Victoria's Jubilee

MM126 Irish jigs

Julia McMahon / Cherish the ladies / The fairy jig / The cat in the corner / The idle road

MM127 American mountain tunes

Johnny Lover's gone / Over the waterfall / Sandy River belles / Jack's tune aka Stay a little longer / Cold and frosty morning MM127a

MM127a Cold and frosty morning

Cold and frosty morning MM127 / Cold and frosty morning improvisations

MM128 Strathspeys

Tae gar ye loup / Doun the burn, Davie, lad aka Doun the burn, Davie, love / My heart is sair for somebody / My boy Tammie / There grows a bonny brier

MM129 17th century English Playford dances

The mulberry garden / Oranges and lemons (2) / Jenny pluck pears MM268

MM130 Scottish jigs

Princess Margaret's jig MM32 / Miss Grace Bowie / The Stone Court (for Miss Hadden's reel)

MM131 18th century dances

Guardian angels / Guardian angels countermelody / Trip to Wimbleton / Wimpwell Green

MM132 Canadian reels

Gaspé reel MM132a / Chatagee reel / Reel du Gouvernement / The old man and the old woman MM132a / Old French MM132a / La bastringue

MM132a Fiddle parts for Canadian reels

Gaspé reel MM132 / Gaspé reel fiddle part / The old man and the old woman MM132 / Old French MM132

MM133 Hornpipes

Madeleine's hornpipe / Billy's welcome to Canon Park aka Billy's welcome to Canons Park

MM134 Playford tunes

Wood lark / Bury Fair / The British hero aka The British toper MM422 / The British hero countermelody / The country farmer / The country farmer countermelody

MM135 Pastoral jigs and slow airs

The gentle shepherd / My heart's desire / My darling Anna / The tender dairy maid / The Hills of Lorne / The Methlick style

MM136 Dance tunes c1700

The Princess / Dame of honour / Jamaica / Jamaica countertune / The merry conceit

MM137 Contra reels

Mother's reel / Danced all night / La ronfleuse Gobeil

MM138 Scottish reels

Kiss me quick, me mither's coming / The black dance / Kingussie flower / Miss Clementina Loughan / Valerie Farr's reel

MM139 Scottish jigs by William Marshall

Miss Gordon of Park / The Marchioness of Huntly's jig / Miss Macpherson Grant's jig

MM139a From the O'Brien-Martin collection

The Prince Imperial gallop / Harvey quadrilles

MM139b From the O'Brien-Martin collection

The officer on guard march / Hengler's polka / The swallow's tail aka Molly McGuire's reel MM53 / Spencer's hornpipe

MM139c From the O'Brien-Martin collection

Boys of Tralee / Copper and brass / Cliff hornpipe / Woodland whisper

MM140 Reels

Irish American reel / La grondeuse aka Bennett's favourite or The silver spire MM417 / Ships are sailing / Cuckoo's nest

MM141 Polkas

Antigonish polka / Pink rose / Favourite

MM142 Badinage in the ballroom

Nymph divine / My Lord Byron's maggot / Rural dance / Miss Sayer's allemande

MM142a Accordion parts for Badinage in the ballroom

Nymph divine accordion part / My Lord Byron's maggot accordion part / Rural dance accordion part / Miss Sayer's allemande accordion part

MM143 Scottish reels

Davie Work / Mrs Dundas of Arniston / Big John McNeil aka John McNeil

MM144 Hornpipes

Norton's favourite / Idyl / Carnival

MM145 English jigs

Haste to the wedding aka Come, haste to the wedding or Rural felicity / William Kimber / Turnpike Side / Upton stick dance / The seven stars aka The moon and seven stars / The bull's head

MM146 Tunes by J Scott Skinner

Rose Acre / Rose Acre countermelody / Angus Campbell

MM147 Miscellanea

Give me your hand / McMahon's reel aka The banshee or The nice tune / High reel

MM148a Hoedown sequence 1

Old Joe Clark / Hoedown

MM148b Hoedown sequence 2

Pretty little widder

MM149 Playing with Playford

Parsons farewell / Nonesuch / A la mode de France (for Nonesuch)

MM149a Playing with Playford 1

Parsons farewell violin part / Nonesuch violin part / A la mode de France violin part

MM149b Playing with Playford 2

Parsons farewell accordion part / Nonesuch accordion part / A la mode de France accordion part

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MM150 Border waltzes

Bonny Tyneside MM374 / Waters of Tyne / When roses blow MM27i MM27ii / Ha' ye seen owt o' my bonny lad? aka Ha' ye seen owt o' my bonnie lad? MM27i MM27ii / The keach o' the creel aka The keach o' the creal MM27i MM27ii

MM151 Canadian jigs

Lemonville jig MM324 / The Donegal jig / My Dungannon sweetheart MM458

MM152 Jigs

Banks of the Allan aka Banks of the Allen / Behind the bush in the garden / Lochiel's welcome to Glasgow

MM153 Single jigs

The day we went to Rothesay O / Little beggar boy aka Beggarman or The red-haired boy (1) / Footy aygen the wa' / Low backed car MM282 / The miller of Dee

MM154 Tunes from The Dancing Master 1st edition

The health aka The merry wassail / Jack Pudding aka Merry Andrew (2) (for Step stately) / Woodicock (for Whirligig)

MM154a Original tunes for Playford dances

Step stately / Whirligig / Maid in the moon aka Valentine's Day MM343

MM155 Shetland reels

Lay dee at dee / Aald stör back again aka Da auld stair back again / Aald stör back again second part aka Da auld stair back again second part / Da galley watch / Da galley watch second part

MM156 Grimstock


MM157 Triple jigs

Sir Roger de Coverley aka Roger de Coverley / The grenadiers / Mad Moll (1) aka Cuddle me cuddy or Peacock follow the hen / Mad Moll (2)

MM158 Winter tunes

In the fields in frost and snow aka In the fields of frost and snow / New Year's day in the morning / New Year's day in the morning second part

MM159 American jigs

Sarah's jig / Dad's favourite jig / Joanie's jig / The broken lantern MM34

MM160 Hornpipes

An comhra donn aka Am comhra dunn or The brown coffin / An comhra donn second part aka Am comhra dunn second part or The brown coffin second part / The sportsman's hornpipe aka The Oldham sportsman

MM161 Rants

The West End / Balquhidder lasses aka Balquidder lassies / Far from hame aka Far from home / Victoria hornpipe / Sheffield hornpipe

MM162 Modern Shetland jigs

Jim Anderson's delight / Jim Bruce

MM163 Polkas

Rhubarb sandwich / O'Neill's statement / Peg Ryan's

MM164 Tunes by Johnny Cunningham

Pernod waltz / Leaving Brittany

MM165 Scottish tunes

Spootiskerry aka The spoot o' skerry / John Keith Laing aka John Keith Lang

MM166 Strathspeys

Mary and Maurice Cooper / Golden harvest / Miss Barbara Manning of Bramfield

MM167 Marches

Anda Campbell's march / Da auld noost

MM168 Border jigs (18th century)

The merry girls of York / The recruiting officer aka The recruitin' officer / The Bellingham boat

MM169 Second parts for Miscellanea

J B reel second part / The shepherdess second part / The cowboy jig aka Wee pickle tow MM107 MM169a MM180

MM169a Miscellanea

J B reel / The shepherdess / The cowboy jig aka Wee pickle tow MM107 MM169 MM180

MM170 Polkas

The Stow polka / The wild rose (for Lichfield Stick Dance) / South Downs quickstep

MM171 Clog hornpipes

Rowley Burn MM434 / City of Savannah / Vendome aka The Independent

MM172 Mister and Mrs T M Robertson

Mister and Mrs T M Robertson / Mister and Mrs T M Robertson countermelody

MM173 Reels by Iain MacPhail

Mrs Mary Printy / Mrs Mary Printy second part / Miss C M Barbour / Miss Elizabeth Purcell's favourite

MM174i Orkney reels

Val's reel MM174ii / Billo's medal

MM174ii Orkney(ish) reels

Val's reel MM174i / King's Brae MM183 / The Barrowburn reel MM183

MM175 Jigs from Willie Taylor

Alastair J Sim / The quarryman / Young Scottie

MM176 Red House of Cardiff

Red House of Cardiff aka Tŷ coch Caerdydd / Red House of Cardiff second part

MM177 English country dance tunes

Jacob Hall's jig MM105 / My Lady Winwood's maggot MM370 / Bonnie Dundee aka Bonny Dundee

MM178 Shetland waltz

Doreen's waltz / Doreen's waltz countermelody

MM179 From Welling's Hartford Tunebook

Rodney's glory aka The Irishman in America or The Irishman's return from America MM259 / Miss Stewart of Garth / John Howat reel

MM180 Well-travelled jigs

Sepp Piontik / Cat in the hopper aka The Laird o’Cockpen / Cowboy jig aka Wee pickle tow MM107 MM169 MM169a

MM181 Le two-step d'Armand

Le two-step d'Armand / Le two-step d'Armand second part

MM182 Two-step

The Edinbane

MM183 Scottish reels

The Barrowburn reel MM174ii / Quay brae / King's brae MM174ii

MM184 Miscellanea

Foxhunter's jig aka Fox hunter's jig MM2 / Tobin's favourite aka Tobin's fancy / Sally Gardens (for The pleasure gardens) MM15

MM185 Irish jigs

Regan's jig MM64 / Plains of Waterloo / Rory O'More / Paddy's whiskers MM1 / Molloy's favourite / The humours of Glendart MM260

MM186 Tunes by Carolan

George Brabazon second air / George Brabazon first air / Hugh O'Donnell (for Compliments to the Whitfields and Wibsey roundabout)

MM186a Parts for Tunes by Carolan

George Brabazon second air accordion part / George Brabazon first air woodwind part / George Brabazon first air fiddle part / Hugh O'Donnell fiddle part

MM187 Reels and polkas

Colley's caper / Reelin' Rufus / Penguin polka / Puffin polka

MM188 Scottish reels

She's the lass for my caress / John Gideon Jamieson of Cullivoe / The kettledrum / Highland lassie / Scapa Flow

MM189 Hornpipes

Poppy leaf / Lotus Club / The acrobat aka The nightingale

MM190 Jigs from Scotland and Shetland

Wideford Hill / Tarry a while / Mo's peerie Boston

MM191 La cardeuse

La cardeuse

MM192 French Canadian jigs

Canadian four step / Sandra's jig / Parti de Lancier

MM193 Ashover tunes accordion parts

Bonnie Kate accordion part aka Bonny Cate accordion part / Duchess of Hamilton's rant accordion part

MM193a Ashover tunes violin parts

Bonnie Kate violin part aka Bonny Cate violin part / Duchess of Hamilton's rant violin part

MM193b Carla's tunes

The red teapot / Dave's goldfish / The wooly gloves

MM194 From minuet to waltz

The Welch minuet / Belvedera aka Hackney Minuet / Irish lamentation aka The forlorn lover or King James' march to Limerick / Wild boy / Ramsgate Assembly


Beeka-weeka (1)

MM195a American reels

Camp Oceanward / Peggy's doozy aka Peggy's doozey MM443 / Beeka-weeka (2)

MM195b Bob McQuillen reels - second parts

Camp Oceanward second part / Camp Oceanward third part / Peggy's doozy second part aka Peggy's doozey second part

MM196 March and hornpipe

Sir Sidney Smith's march aka Handel's gavotte or Sir Sydney Smith's march / Miss Thompson's hornpipe aka Parting glass

MM197 Old English jigs

Evan's delight / The jolly cooper / The pleasures of Huntingdon

MM198 Scottish reels

The de'il among the mantua makers / Kalabakan / Mrs Murray

MM199 Schottis


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MM200 Playing for American Square patter calls

Heck among the yearling

MM201 Caledonian / Hibernian ball?

The braes of Dornoch / Scotland / The Irish ground / Blue petticoats

MM202 48-bar jigs

Kiss the quaker's wife aka Merrily danced the quaker's wife or Merrily kiss the quaker's wife / Frieze breeches / Unnamed tune / Morrison's jig

MM203 Old time wedding reels from Cape Breton

John of Badenyon / Put me in the big chest / Hamish the carpenter

MM204 Scottish airs

Mary of Argyll / My love is like a red, red, rose

MM205 Jigs

Half-century jig / Miss Betty MacKinnon / Cape Bright'un jig

MM206 New hornpipes in threes?

Mister Englefield's new hornpipe / A trip to the Jubilee (1) (for Edinburgh Castle) MM384 / Cheshire rounds / Dissolution of the monasteries

MM207 Triple jigs

Sapho and Phaon / The Cardinal / The drop / Andrew Kerr

MM208 Irish polkas

Sweeney's aka Dennis Ryan's polka / Tralee Gaol aka Tralee Jane / Tom Sullivan's / Glen Cottage polka / Murchin durkin / Bill Sullivan's polka aka Mickey chewing bubblegum

MM209 Michael O'Connor first air

Michael O'Connor first air

MM210 English dances from the SW and SE corners!

Double change sides / Four handed reel aka The fool's jig / The Duke of Kent's waltz (1) / The Duke of Kent's waltz (2) aka Mrs Bullengard's waltz

MM211 Jigs

Calliope House MM211a MM420 / Random

MM211a Calliope House

Calliope House MM211 MM420

MM212 Patter call

Sugar in the gourd / Sugar in the gourd variation 1 / Sugar in the gourd variation 2 / Sugar in the gourd variation 3

MM213 Irish reels

The Star of Munster / The magpie's nest / The heather breeze

MM214 Single jigs

The ball / Gallant Tipperary boys aka The young May moon / Tipperary boys second part / Squire Bensham / The howlet and the weasel

MM215 Hornpipes

The apple tree / Culburnie Cottage / Constitution hornpipe

MM216 Triple-time tunes

Planxty Hewlett (for An enchanted place) / Bonnie George Campbell (for A girl's best friend) / Wand'ring Willie (for A girl's best friend)

MM216a Countermelodies for Triple-time tunes

Bonnie George Campbell countermelody / Wand'ring Willie countermelody

MM217 Shetland reels

Oot be est da vong / Sleep soond i da moarnin' / Oot an' in da hairbour / Lassies trust in providence

MM218 Irish reels

Michael Reilly / John Brennan

MM219 A trip to Castle Howard

A trip to Castle Howard / A trip to Castle Howard countermelody

MM219a Miscellanea

Minuet in D minor (for Dovetail) / Doodling / Pine cones / Bar a bar aka Barr a barr, Windsor tarras or Windsor terrace MM353

MM220 Dances published by Walsh

Ely Court / Oswestry wake / Sally in our alley / Scotch Billy

MM221 Air, strathspey and reel

Da slockit light / Sands o' Murness / New rigged ship

MM222 Reels

Ray's Classic / Monty Lister's quickstep / Harveston Castle

MM223 French-Canadian reels

Beaulieu / Pointe-au-pic

MM224 Valse joyeuse

Valse joyeuse

MM225 Scottish jigs

The heather hills / Coldside jig / Sandy Pirie / The shepherd's wife (2) / Isleburgh Hoose

MM226 Irish jigs

Siobhàn O'Donnell's number 1 / The Cúil Aodha / Winter apples aka The Clare jig (1), Delaney's drummers or Mug of brown ale MM377

MM227 Tunes by David Cahn

Liza Rose / Stepping on worms / Wild ginger

MM228 English 18th century dance tunes

A health to all honest men / All alive MM228a / Rigadoon Royal (for Peace be with you) / Bellamira / The brick makers aka The brickmakers MM307

MM228a Jigs

All alive MM228 / Modus vivendi

MM228b Countermelodies for Jigs

All alive countermelody / Modus vivendi countermelody

MM229 North American reels

Pacific Slope reel aka Cambridge hornpipe or Chief O'Neill's visit MM441 / Rachel / Hang fire

MM230 Last minute waltzes

Last minute waltz / Last minute waltz too / Last minute shmaltz

MM231 Jigs by Brian Stone

G-G jig / Nifty jig

MM232 Sliabh Luachra polkas

John Clifford's / Jim Keeffe's / Tuar Mór polka number 1

MM233 American schottisches

Allie's reel aka Alli Arcus / Castles in the air (for Wee Willie Winkie) / The Anniversary schottische / The little brown hand

MM234 Irish medley

Planxty Irwin aka Colonel John Irwin (for Mrs Pike's maggot) / Planxty Irwin countermelody / Danny O'Donnell's / Connemara stockings

MM235 Canadian reel

La ronde des voyageurs

MM236 48-bar English jigs

Hampstead Manor (for Hampstead Heath) / Downland 557 (for Picking up stitches) / Voulez-vous danser aka Oats, peas, beans (for The willow tree)

MM237 Air, strathspey and reel

Mrs Hamilton of Pencaitland / Mister A G Wilken's favourite / Viscount Reidhaven

MM238 Songs for squares and contras

Sailing down the old green river / I love mountain music / Are you from Dixie?

MM239 Canadian polkas

By the fireside / Daisy / Birch reel

MM240 Canadian jigs

Cecil McEachern's jig / Cold Harbour jig aka Cole Harbour jig / The old red barn / Caledonia jig / Ripple Rock jig MM250

MM241 A seasonal medley

The Spring / The Spring countermelody MM241a / Spring garden / Easter Eve / Easter Thursday

MM241a Countermelodies for A seasonal medley

The Spring countermelody MM241 / Spring garden countermelody / Easter Eve countermelody / Easter Thursday countermelody

MM242 Harmony in Highwood

Harmony in Highwood Hazel's tune / Harmony in Highwood John's tune

MM243 Canadian march

Jerry Parson's special

MM244 Modern Scottish jigs

Davie's Brae MM266 / Jim Kennedy's jig MM266 / Wee Corrie / Auld Ireland / Jock Hosie's fancy MM266

MM245 Ashokan farewell

Ashokan farewell aka Ashoken farewell

MM246 Playford - 3's or 6's?

Whimbleton House / Sabina / Joy after sorrow / The mermaid

MM246a Countermelodies for Playford - 3's or 6's?

Whimbleton House countermelody / Sabina countermelody / Joy after sorrow countermelody

MM247 Panhandle swing

Panhandle swing

MM248 Strathspeys

Miss Agnes Loudon / Allister McAllister / The iron man

MM249 Vic's two hornpipes

Huddleston hornpipe / Tufnell Park

Jump to sheet: 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450.

MM250 North American jigs

Green Mountain boys aka Green Mountain boy / Uncle Bob's quadrille / Ripple Rock jig MM240 / Pettis quadrille

MM251 Tunes by Teri Rasmussen

A waltz for Aly / Nettie's dance

MM252 Ritual dance tunes

Castleton garland dance aka Winster processional / Abram circle dance

MM253 Irish jigs 1

The old horned sheep aka The humours of Donnybrook or The one-horned sheep / Irish whiskey aka Out with the boys / Tenpenny bit aka The three little drummers / The blackthorn stick MM260 / Rakes of Kildare

MM253a Irish jigs 2

A western lilt aka The lark in the morn or The lark in the morning / Jackson's favourite / Paddy the dandy aka Ships in full sail / The Connaught man's ramble / The rollicking Irishman aka Father O'Flynn or Top of the Cork road

MM254 Fallibroome tunes

Monk's march with the wanders / Mount Hills / Buskin MM315 / Chelmsford Assembly MM311 / Miss Spark's maggot

MM255 Hommage à Philippe Bruneau

Hommage à Philippe Bruneau aka Homage à Philippe Bruneau / Hommage à Philippe Bruneau second part aka Homage à Philippe Bruneau second part

MM256 17th century dance tunes

The soldier and the sailor / Anna Maria / Northern Nancy

MM257 Tunes from Thompson

The bed of roses / The militia / Hessian Camp (for Fiona's fancy) / Hessian Camp countermelody

MM258 Air, strathspey and reel

Coilsfield House / Kirrie Kebbuck / John Murray of Lochiel aka John Murray of Lochee

MM259 Reels

The foresters aka Forester's hornpipe / The Irishman's return from America aka The Irishman in America or Rodney's glory MM179 / Kingsbury reel

MM260 Rapper jigs

The blackthorn stick MM253 / The humours of Glendart MM185 / My darling asleep / The house up a tree / The serpent with corners (for Doctor Bending's serpent and The Eastbourne rover)

MM261 American reels

Angeline aka Angeline the baker / Dinah / The kitchen girl

MM262 Branles

Horse's branle aka Branle de chevaux or Horse's bransle (for Horseplay) / Montarde branle

MM263 Midnight on the water

Midnight on the water / Midnight on the water countermelody 1 / Midnight on the water countermelody 2

MM264 Playford tunes

Gathering peascods MM47 MM72a / Gathering peascods countermelody (2) / Hambleton's round O / Hambleton's round O countermelody

MM265 Scottish tunes

MacCrimmon's lament / Return to the Stewartry / Lady Margaret Stewart aka The ale is dear or Tha leann daor aig na gillean

MM266 Scottish jigs

Davie's Brae MM244 / Jim Kennedy's jig MM244 / Jock Hosie's fancy MM244

MM267 Scottish waltzes

Morag of Dunvegan MM16 MM17a / Waters of Kylesku / Rothesay Bay

MM268 A Playford arrangement

Jenny pluck pears MM129

MM269 Rick's tunes

High Heavens Wood MM116 / For Meg / Sandy is dandy

MM270 Irish jigs

Pipe on the hob (for Triad in L sharp major) / The cliffs of Moher / West to Alaska

MM271 Contra-bourree

Scotty O'Neill / Le breakdown de Pontneuf / Carrée de Vouvray

MM272 Reels

Brenda Stubbert's reel / MacArthur Road aka MacArthur's Road

MM273 Gaelic melody

Gaelic melody aka Ghoid iad mo bhean uam an reir or They stole my wife last night MM444

MM274 Introduction to countermelodies

Carolan's cottage (for The introduction) / Carolan's cottage countermelody 1 / Carolan's cottage countermelody 2 / Carolan's cottage countermelody 3

MM275 Waltzes

La partida aka Maxine le Planc / French Canadian waltz

MM276 Old time tunes

Old time tune / Rocky mountain goat / Cherokee shuffle

MM277 Dance tunes c1700

The hare's maggot (for Up with Aily) / Up with Aily / Britain's glory MM285 / If love's a sweet passion

MM278 Pipe jigs

John D Burgess / Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon

MM279 Celebrations in triple-time

Ann Maguire's Silver Wedding / Bob och Lauras 40 års vals aka Bob and Laura's 40th anniversary waltz

MM280 Coconut waltz

Coconut waltz

MM280a Countermelodies for Coconut waltz

Coconut waltz countermelody 1 / Coconut waltz countermelody 2

MM281 Northumbrian hornpipes

A Whinham hornpipe / Millicent's favourite

MM282 The nutting girl

Nutting girl (for Tom Pate) / Low backed car MM153 / The nutting girl Morris jig

MM283 Tunes by Pat Shaw

Miss de Jersey's Memorial / The real Princess / As luck will have it (for Halsway Sicilian)

MM284 Tunes from Dave Roberts

Bonny breast knot / Bonny breast knot counter tune / The highland wedding (2)

MM285 Tunes from Dave Roberts

Britain's glory MM277 / Sir Watkin's jigg / Carshalton oaks (for Surrey Hills)

MM286 Tunes from Dave Roberts

Eternity ring / Constellation

MM287 Tunes from Dave Roberts

Chromatic rag aka David's revenge / Affordable joys

MM288 Reels by Joseph Allard

Reel du cultivateur / Reel des ouvrieres aka Buckley's fancy, The traveller or Walker Street reel / Reel du printemps aka Reel des eboulements

MM289 Liberty Bell

Liberty bell

MM290 Blaze away

Blaze away

MM291 Miscellanea

Morgan Megan aka Mawgan Megan (for Hillingdon Heath) / Trip to Birmingham

MM292 Waltzes

Michael Turner's waltz (for Melanie's maggot and Pevensey Bay) / Far away MM410 / Crossing to Ireland (for Winter waltz)

MM293 Wizard's walk

The wizard's walk

MM294 Tunes by Willie Taylor

Christine Taylor's jig / The shining pool hornpipe / The Pearl Wedding

MM295 Polkas

Grandpa's polka aka The sheep shearing / Jenny Lind / The quaker / Southport polka aka Rub-a-dub

MM296 Jigs by Sandy Leggett

Maggie's jig / Fi-Fi's jig / Agnes' jig

MM297 Tunes from the Ashover collection

Duchess of Hamilton's rant / The Scoch Bamble / London / Harper's frolick / Bonnie Kate aka Bonny Cate

MM298 Tanz, tanz, yidelekh

Tanz, tanz, yidelekh

MM299 Waltzes by Derek Gregory

Maggie's waltz / Joy's waltz / Alison's waltz

Jump to sheet: 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450.

MM300 Marches

Doctor Fauster's tumblers aka Doctor Foster's tumblers MM412 / The King enjoys his own again / March in Scipio aka King George's march / Blenheim House

MM301 Tunes by Bob McQuillen

Amelia's waltz / Lindbergh's crate / Cat in the kitchen / Ingalls' jingle

MM302 Rags

Pig ankle rag / Salty dog rag

MM303 Irish jigs

Contentment is wealth / Bishop's jig / When sick is it tea you want?

MM304 Air, strathspey and reel

Bill Black's 'Mirk' / Dunvegan Castle / Master Andrew Young

MM305 Old Time American tunes

Cheat and swing / Punchen floor MM104 / Walking in my sleep / West Fork gals

MM306 Tunes by Brian Stone

Cider with Rodney / Opus 49 / Reel for J C

MM307 17th and 18th century tunes for set dances

Newcastle / The barley mow / The brick makers aka The brickmakers MM228 / The dressed ship MM310

MM308 Waltzes

Rope waltz / Back home to Brae / Peter Walterson's farewell to the Holly Bush aka Peter Waterson's farewell to the Holly Bush

MM309 Tunes by Lawrence Storey

Sue's saunter / Christopher's reel / Sarah Helen

MM310 Jigs

The villagers' jig / Humber jumber MM32a MM33 / Mother-in-law / The dressed ship MM307

MM311 Miscellanea

Chelmsford Assembly MM254 / The cuckoo aka The cookow / The Indian Swede

MM312 Reels by Derek Gregory

Rambling Roger / Friday Folk reel / Pinky-po

MM313 Contra tunes

Billy Thom's reel / Flying cloud cotillion aka Flying cloud cottilion / Valley gold

MM314 Tunes by Henry Purcell

Saint Martin's Lane / Siege of Limerick / Short and sweet / Lilli Burlero aka Protestant boys MM396

MM315 Dances from Fallibroome

Saint James' beauties / Buskin MM254 / The happy pair aka Royal wedding MM111

MM316 Quicksteps

If you knew Susie aka If you knew Suzie / Has anybody seen my gal? aka Five foot two, eyes of blue / Don't bring Lulu MM26

MM317 Shetland tunes

The headlands aka The headlands march / Mangaster Voe

MM318 Jigs by Derek Gregory

Jig of Britain / Sprites in the woods / All dance and sing

MM319 Shetland tunes

Hamnataing / Rayburn reel

MM320 Tunes by Henry Purcell

The hole in the wall / New Whitehall / Rondeau

MM321 A Welsh medley

Y grisial grwnd aka The crystal ground / The Cefn-coed polka aka Polca Cefn-coed / Bedd y morwr aka The sailor's grave / Gyrru'r byd o'mlaen aka Kick the world before me / Pibddawns Hewl-y-felin aka The Mill Road Hornpipe or The Mill Street hornpipe

MM321a Bass parts for A Welsh medley

Y grisial grwnd with bass part aka The crystal ground with bass part / The Cefn-coed polka with bass part aka Polca Cefn-coed with bass part / Bedd y morwr with bass part aka The sailor's grave with bass part

MM322 Scottish jigs

Miss Eleanora Robertson MM42ii / The garden well aka The garden wall or Glen Callater / Malcolm Crowe of Balmullo MM386 / Balcomie House

MM323 Looking for a partner

Looking for a partner MM8

MM324 Jigs for contras

The blackberry quadrille (for Northern lights) / Gigue du forgeron aka Blacksmith's jig or Doc Boyd's jig / Unnamed quadrille MM115 / Lemonville jig MM151

MM325 Waltzes

Not forgotten / Hebridean holiday / Always there

MM326 Contra reels

Operator's reel / Eddie's reel / Ottawa Valley reel MM461

MM327 Singing tunes for dances

Consider yourself (for Oliver's maggot) / Red roses for a blue lady (for Send her roses)

MM328 Hornpipes

Admiral Nelson / Trafalgar / Lord Nelson's hornpipe aka Lochmaben or Savoury's hornpipe (for Bridge of Lodi)

MM329 Jigs

We will down with the French aka Down with the French (for The lasses of Portsmouth) / The matelot / The news of the victory aka The tars of the Victory MM406 / The saucy sailor (2) / Ship Ahoy! aka All the nice girls love a sailor

MM330 North American reels

Laura Susan reel / Parry Sound reel / Jingle bells MM342 / Reel du whiskey blanc aka Bluebird schottische

MM331 Countermelodies

Dunham Oaks / Dunham Oaks countermelody / Red House / Red House countermelody

MM332 Jigs

Limerick / Wanna go / Sweet 18 / Scariff view

MM333 Rags by Derek Gregory

New York rag / North west rag / North west rag countermelody

MM334 Slip jigs

Audrey and Andrea / The pride of Newcastle / The fairy prince

MM335 Tunes for Lord of Carnarvon's jig

Lord of Carnarvon's jig / Jack a Lent (for Lord of Carnarvan's jegg)

MM336 The shaalds of Foula

The shaalds of Foula (1) aka Foula reel (1) or Maggie O'Ham / The shaalds of Foula (2) aka Foula reel (2)

MM337 Tunes for The geud man of Ballangigh

Hunt the squirrel (for The geud man of Ballangigh) / The geud man of Ballangigh

MM338 Miss Kay Rose

Miss Kay Rose / Miss Kay Rose second part

MM339 Contra reels

Reel Saint Joseph aka The wonder hornpipe / Beans

MM340 Fan dances

Maggie Lawder / Lady Catherine Stewart's fancy / Duchess of York's fancy

MM341 Tunes by O'Carolan

The dark plaintive youth / Carolan's draught / Carolan's cup

MM342 Winter tunes

Winter wonderland MM342a / Jingle bells MM330 / Good King Wenceslas

MM342a Winter tunes

Winter wonderland MM342 / Drive the cold winter away

MM343 Playford tunes

Valentine's Day aka Maid in the moon MM154a / Come sweet lass aka Come sweet maid (for Greenwich Park) / Lassie will you dance / Love's triumph / Come let's away to the bridal

MM344 Jigs from Sound Company

Dear old Donegal / The drover's dream / Shillelagh under my arm

MM345 17th and 18th century tunes for set dances

Sprigs of laurel / Corelli's maggot (for Corelli's gavotte and Corelli's maggot) / Corelli's maggot countermelody / The midnight ramble / The midnight ramble countermelody

MM346 Tunes by Neville Gardner

Winter Walmer / Poynton Promenade

MM347 Scherzo in C minor

Scherzo in C minor (for Mary K)

MM348 Christmas tunes

Frosty the snowman / Santa Claus is comin' to town / Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

MM349 Jigs

One mor / A minor catastrophe / Siobhan Cottage

Jump to sheet: 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450.

MM350 Love dances

Love in a mask / Love and duty / Love forever / Love in a village aka Brook's reel, Broom's reel, Broun's reel, Duke of Perth or Duke of Riff's reel

MM351 Waltz

Gathering wheat

MM352 Fan dances 1792

Prince of Wales' fancy / Prince of Wales' fancy countermelody / Morgan ratler

MM353 Dance tunes ancient and modern

Barr a barr aka Bar a bar, Windsor tarras or Windsor terrace MM219a / Emperor of the Moon / After dinner maggot

MM354 Two-step

Gutrom the Dane

MM355 Modern set dance tunes in triple time

Elizabethan tango man (for Charlene's celebration) / Moonlight moorings (for Turn of the tide) / Tourner à trois (for Turning by threes)

MM356 Shetland slow air and jig

Shingly beach aka Shingley beach / Shingly beach countermelody / Da merry dancers

MM357 Stately dances old and new

Danserye, Ronde IX (for O, Susato) / Courante CLXXXIII (for Terpsicourante) / Birthday branle MM360 / Helena

MM358 Harry Lauder songs

It's nice to get up in the morning / Tobermory / Fou the noo / The waggle of the kilt / We parted on the shore

MM359 Reels

Babes in the wood aka Blanchard races, Blickling races, Brickland races, Peter Street or Timour the tartar / Astley's ride aka Drumley's ride / Johnnie come kiss me now / The facelift

MM360 Birthday branle four part arrangement

Birthday branle MM357

MM361 Polkas

Saint Mary's polka / Johnny Mickey's polka / Whinham's reel / Jackson's breakdown aka Sally there's a bug on me / Foul weather call

MM362 Jigs

Up country MM60 / Elizabeth Adair / Lambskinnet / Mucking o' Geordie's byre aka The Linton ploughman / Farmer's jamboree (for Fairfield fancy)

MM363 Ralph Page contras

The doodler's hornpipe / Russ Allan's breakdown aka Russ Allen's breakdown / The Dublin hornpipe

MM364 Cornish polkas

Liskeard Fair / The Cornish squire / Bolingey Furry / Tremadheves

MM365 Hornpipes

Greencastle hornpipe / Annie's hornpipe / A small fee / Daniel's hornpipe

MM366 New dances to old tunes

Beach spring aka Come and find the quiet center / Minuet (for A double duet) / Bourrée (for Handel with care) / Le basque (for Kneeland romp)

MM367 Tunes for King's maggot

Prince George's birthday (for King's maggot) / King's maggot aka New York / King's maggot countermelody

MM368 Scottish marches

Leslie Angus / The Jubilee march / Miss Kirsty Batchelor

MM369 Jigs

Ruislip romp / Icy jig / Mid-day jig / Bound for Baltimore aka "Not Uncle Jim's" / Llygoden yn y felin aka Mouse in the mill

MM370 My Lady Winwood's maggot

My Lady Winwood's maggot MM177 / My Lady Winwood's maggot countermelody

MM371 Scottish waltz songs

Northern lights of old Aberdeen / Leaving Stornoway

MM372 Strathspeys

The banks of Spey / John Stephen of Chance Inn aka John Steven of Chance Inn / Margaret's Fancy MM13

MM373 Reels

Courting days aka Courting day MM57 / When you wore a tulip / My pretty girl

MM374 Waltzes

Mountains of Mourne / Believe me if all those endearing young charms aka My lodging's on the cold, hard ground or Spanish waltz / The Rose of Tralee / Bonny Tyneside MM150 / The gentle maiden

MM375 Two contra reels

Frank's reel / Fiddler's dream

MM376 Reels

Waiting for Nancy / Martin O'Connors / Riding on a load of hay

MM377 Jigs

Off she goes aka Humpty Dumpty / Fair Jenny's jig MM420 / Mug of brown ale aka The Clare jig (1), Delaney's drummers or Winter apples MM226

MM378 Playford tunes

Upon a summer's day MM72 / Pinks and lillies / Strawberries and cream / Cream pot

MM379 18th century triple time tunes

The punch-bowl / News from Tripoly / Orange Nan / Ladies pull off your hoops

MM380 Modern triple time tunes

Flixton House / Midwinter blossom (for An early frost) / Brimstone Corner (for Brimstone and treacle)

MM381 Finnish mazurkas

Maisan Masurkka / Helsinki Masurkka

MM382 Finnish polkas

Poti-Polkka / Pikku Jussin Polkka

MM383 Finnish waltzes

Häävalssi / Hopeahäävalssi

MM384 Dance tunes c1750

A trip to the Jubilee (1) (for Edinburgh Castle) MM206 / A trip to the Jubilee (2) / Come let's be merry

MM385 Macedonian tunes

Vie se vie / Makedonsko devojce

MM386 Jigs

Circle around / Norma's tune / Malcolm Crowe of Balmullo MM322

MM387 North Sea waltzes

The Shetland bus / The MTB waltz

MM388 Reels

Walking the heather / The peregrine

MM389 Welsh hornpipes

Priodas Dafydd ap Rhys aka Dafydd ap Rhys' wedding / Pibddawns Abertawe aka Swansea hornpipe / Pibddawns y blodau aka Flowers hornpipe / Pibddawns Dowlais aka Dowlais hornpipe

MM390 English jigs

The poll booth / The Pantheon / Fourpence ha'penny farthing / John of Paris aka Gisburn processional, Ninety-five or Rakes of Ballymore / Leaping Jack

MM391 Marches

Earl of Mansfield (for Mysteries of peace) / Barn owl blues / Out of the box (for Witches' gold)

MM392 Orkney hornpipes

The Orkney hornpipe / Hattie man o' Ree

MM393 Tricky jigs

Khazi / Danbury Hill / Blue jig / Bending time / Hilda's hard one

MM394 Dance tunes from Thompson

The goose and gridiron / Top and bottom / The hop-pickers' feast / Sun Assembly

MM395 Steady reels

The Chamberlain election / Waverley Steps MM34 / The Dorset Triumph aka Follow your lovers or The Triumph

MM396 Jigs from The Dancing Master

Chelsea Reach aka Buckingham-House or Chelsey Reach / The tythe pig / Nonesuch II / Lilli Burlero aka Protestant boys MM314

MM397 Scottish reels

Rachel Rae / Scordiness / The tailor's reel

MM398 Bob McQuillen

McQuillen's squeezebox / Bob McQuillen's / Chips off the block / Abell's reel

Jump to sheet: 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450.

MM400 Compliments of Sean Maguire

Compliments to Sean Maguire aka Compliments of Sean Maguire

MM401 Jigs by Robert Petrie

Miss Grant of Monymusk's jigg / Miss Susan Spalding's jigg / Mrs Small of Dirnanean's jigg

MM402 Waltzes by Roger Nicholls

For Rene / Daphne / Last waltz

MM403 Marches from The Dancing Master

Maiden Lane / Waltham Abbey / The French embassador aka The parson's cap / Bugbee's Hole aka The Beadle of Grubb Street or Burghee's Hole

MM404 Jigs for English places

Epping Forrest / Wolverton Hall / Woodstock Park

MM405 Scottish airs

The dark island / Watersound shore / The sweetness of Mary

MM406 Tunes from the Hardy Manuscripts

The tars of the Victory aka The news of the victory MM329 / The flight (for Mutual love) MM64

MM407 (Mostly) Irish reels

The silver spear / Bus stop reel / Dick Gossip's

MM408 Triple-time tunes by Jonathan Jensen

Henry's hornpipe / The homecoming / Winter dreams (for Winter dreams waltz)

MM409 Schottisches

Hollybank hornpipe / Stone the crows! / Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunts

MM410 Waltzes

6th June 1993 / Far away MM292

MM411 Jigs

Out on the ocean / Sun on the water

MM412 Marches and polkas

Quickstep in the Battle of Prague / Doctor Fauster's tumblers aka Doctor Foster's tumblers MM300 / Tip-top polka / The lollipop man / The sloe aka The slave MM61

MM413 Irish jigs

Jimmy Ward's jig aka The Clare jig (2) / From the New World aka Dancing master, Swallow's nest or Swallowtails / Séamus Cooley's jig

MM414 Scottish reels

Mrs MacLeod of Raasay aka May day or Miss McLeod's reel / Blair Atholl / Robertson's reel

MM415 Waltzes

Golden Green / Emma's waltz / Madeleine's wals

MM416 Slow jigs for English dances

I care not for these ladies / Mall Peatley aka Moll Pately or Moll Peatly / Hide Park / Frances Ann's delight / Shandy Hall

MM417 Irish reels

The silver spire aka Bennett's favourite or La grondeuse MM140 / Tam Lin aka Glasgow reel or The howling wind / The Penistone shroud

MM418 Step-hops

The Abbeyfield / Uttoxeter swing / Uttoxeter swing countermelody / Björn again

MM419a Slinky jigs 1

Graemsay jig / Naked and bare / Stan Chapman's jig

MM419b Slinky jigs 2

Star above the garter / The Lisnagun jig / La maison de glace aka The ice house

MM420 Contra jigs

Fair Jenny's jig MM377 / Calliope House MM211 MM211a / Reunion jig

MM421 Waltzes by Mr Stanley

Before the storm / Vale of thyme

MM422 Marches

The British toper aka The British hero MM134 / The mill, mill O aka The cruel wars or The deadly wars / Bonaparte crossing the Rhine (for The first of October)

MM423 Tunes for Philippe Callens dances

Spagnolette reformeert (for Gold for the Mahieus) / Goff Hall (for The astonished archaeologist) / The Duke of Buckingham (for Gentleman's delight) / Waiting for fish (for Westward bound)

MM424 Jigs by Charles Sherrit

The shearing of the shepherd / The scaffie's cairt / Juniper jig

MM425 Early Playford tunes

Oaken leaves / Millfield / Saturday night and Sunday morn / Peppers black / The punk's delight (the new way) / Glory of the Sun / Ten pound lass

MM426 Polkas

Sussex polka / Trip to Bavaria aka Die fischerin vom Bodensee, Hamish's tune or The remonts of Hereford / The muffin man aka The 16th of October, La belle Catherine or Shrewsbury quarry / Chasing the jack

MM427 Reels for Sackets Harbor

Sackets Harbor / Lady of the lake / Allie Crocker's reel aka Crocker's reel (for Sacket's Harbor)

MM428 Mostly English jigs

Adventure at Margate aka Margate hey or The Margate Hoy / Tommy Jenkins / Hexham Races aka I will if I can or Kenmure's on and awa' (for Pins and needles) / Prince William (2)

MM429 Triple-time tunes by Carolan

Captain O'Kane (for Winter waltz) / Songs of the harpist / Si bheag, si mhor (for Bonny cuckoo)

MM430 Hornpipes

The boys of Bluehill aka Beaux of Oakhill, Lads of North Tyne or The two sisters / Liverpool hornpipe aka London hornpipe or Tom Jolly's hornpipe / Hesleyside ride aka The Hesleyside reel or Hestleyside ride

MM431 Key-change jigs

The installation / Dancing up a storm (for Dancing across the Atlantic) / Liberty bodice

MM432 Slow marches

Cambo march / Caerphilly march aka Ymdaith Caerffili

MM433 French-Canadian reels

Saut du lapin aka Rabbit's hop / Evite Gabriel aka For Gabriel / Saint Anne's reel

MM434 Hornpipes from the North-East

The Alston Flower Show / The locomotive / Rowley Burn MM171

MM435 Eastern European tunes

Csárdás 1 / Csárdás 2 / Legényes

MM436 Scottish single jigs

The Academy jig / Lassie, come dance with me (for Burning heart and Postie's jig) / The Hogmanay

MM437 Polkas

Leather away the wattle O / Enrico aka Jacob / Orlando's return / Green potato

MM438 Airs

Carrickfergus / Al's big day / Hares on the mountain

MM439 American reels

Quigley's reel aka Batchelder's / Lamplighter's hornpipe / Fisher's hornpipe aka Egg hornpipe, English hornpipe, The first of May (1), The fisherman's hornpipe, The fisherman's lilt or The fisher's lilt

MM440 Christmas jigs

I saw three ships / The female saylor aka Masters in this hall / In dulci jubilo / Carol aka It came upon the midnight clear (for As Tiny Tim observed ...)

MM441 Schottisches

Cambridge hornpipe aka Chief O'Neill's visit or Pacific Slope reel MM229 / King of the fairies aka Bonnie Charlie, King William of Orange or Scollay's reel / Shed happens

MM442 Triple-time tunes from The Dancing Master

Saint Margaret's Hill / Dick's maggot aka Double the cape / Mister Beveridge's maggot / Barham Down

MM443 Reels

Bella / McLenon's reel / Peggy's doozy aka Peggy's doozey MM195a

MM444 Airs

Unnamed air / Ghoid iad mo bhean uam an reir aka Gaelic melody or They stole my wife last night MM273

MM445 English single jigs

Month of May aka Merry month of May / Captain Lemo's quick march / The Lincolnshire poacher / Steamboat quickstep

MM446 Largo my home

Largo my home

MM447 Scottish marches

The sweet maid of Mull / Karen MacFadyen

MM448 Québécois tunes

Reel de Père Léon / Pays de Haut

MM449 Miscellanea

On the Danforth / Breton Schottische

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MM450 Modern American airs

Time will end / The Belle of Newcastle

MM451 Hornpipes

The steamboat aka Steamboat hornpipe or Steam packet hornpipe / Brimfield hornpipe aka Gloucester hornpipe / The happy one-step

MM452 18th century English jigs

Trip to Highgate / Prince William (3) / Nampwich Fair aka Namptwich Fair / Auretti's Dutch skipper aka The fifth of April, Oldham's frolick or Widow's jigg

MM453 American reels

Eli Greene's cakewalk / Round the Horn / Shenandoah Falls / Sweetbriar

MM454 Waltzes

Beauty in tears / The road to Loch Tay / Brafferton Village

MM455 Scottish and Shetland jigs

Christine Morrison's jig / Peter's peerie boat / Margaret Brown's favourite aka Maggie Brown's favourite / Jennie Slater

MM456 Country dance Contra

Carpathian tune (for Belligerent bluejay and Michedonia) / Wrath of Sandy / The gale

MM457 Two modern country dance tunes

Enrichez-vous / Tom Kruskal's (for Sapphire Sea)

MM458 Jigs by Graham Townsend

My Dungannon sweetheart MM151 / East Coast jig / Murray River jig

MM459 Hornpipes

Saint Vincent's hornpipe aka Lord Vincent's hornpipe, O'Fenlon's hornpipe or Vinton's hornpipe / Gilderoy aka The first of May (2) or The red-haired boy (2) (for The Dorset ring dance and The Quaker's wife) / Locker's hornpipe / William Taylor's table-top hornpipe

MM460 Jigs from Thompson

Wakefield Hunt / The comical fellow / Keppel's delight (for Bath Carnival)

MM461 Reels by Ned Landry

Ottawa Valley reel MM326 / Woodchoppers aka Knave's quadrille / Bowin' the strings

MM462 Reel-time planxties by Carolan

Planxty Sudley aka Captain Sudley (for Exwood United) / Planxty Nancy McDermott / Planxty Maguire aka Constantine Maguire (for Hartburn Village)

MM463 Lakeland waltzes by Chris Dewhurst

Crummock Water / Buttermere / Loweswater

MM464 Tunes for Plough Monday

Come all you jolly ploughboys / The curly-headed ploughboy (for The ploughboy) / Speed the plough

MM465 Modern songs and airs

Falling / Two rivers / Snow angels

MM466 48-bar English jigs

Prince of Orange / The feathers / Hexham quadrille aka I'll get wedded in my auld claes

MM467 Waltzes by Pat Shaw

Nan's waltz / Margaret's waltz / Farewell to Devon (for Margaret's waltz)

MM468 Polkas

Walter Bulwer's No 1 / Walter Bulwer's No 2 / Bluebell polka / Knees up in Kingston

MM469 Scottish reels

Caddam Wood / Shiftin' bobbins / J B Milne

MM470 Modern jigs

Herbert the sherbet / A surfeit of lampreys / Snowing up the hill

MM471 American waltzes

Sweet journeys / Marianne Taylor's waltz / River Falls

MM472 Marches

Super Trouper / Blackadder's theme / Wallace and Gromit's theme

MM473 Slow jigs from The Dancing Master

Row well ye mariners / Green sleeves and yellow lace / Hunsdon House / Bouzer Castle

MM474 Reels by J Scott Skinner

The bungalo / The auld wheel / Gladstone's reel

MM475 English polkas

The knife's edge / Brighton Camp aka The girl I left behind me (for Jonny fetch your wife back) / The rose tree / Fred Pigeon's / Aunt Crisps

MM476 48-bar Irish jigs

The battering ram / Hartigan's fancy / Peggy's nettles

MM477 Scottish jigs for ceilidh, country and contra

Crabbit Shona / Skyeman's jig

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